Tell me about the T.A.

Tell me about it

The Te Araroa is New Zealand’s long-distance thru-hiking trail.  Te Araroa means “Long Pathway” in Maori.  It’s fairly new, opening up sometime in late 2011, but it’s growing pretty quickly to become a recognized thru-hiking trail and people are starting to throw its name out there along with the extremely well known and established Pacific Crest, Appalachian, and Camino de Santiago trails.

How long is it?

The official Te Araroa website will tell you the T.A. is 3000 kilometres long.  Every blog I read though seems to have a few kilometres difference between their trips.  The trip takes the average hiker between four and six months.

Where does it start and where do you end up?

Depends which direction you drift!  For us Southbound hikers, the T.A. starts in Cape Reigna, the northern most tip in New Zealand, and ends at the southern most tip, Bluff.  (Bluff is renowned for its oysters!  I really cannot wait until that celebratory meal!)

Where will you sleep and what will you eat?

In our cozy MSR Hubba Hubba 2 man tent and lots of Snickers chocolate bars.

How many pairs of underwear will you bring?

Two, maybe three if we’re feeling glamourous.  The key to four months hiking is cut every gram out of your pack that you can.

I’m still curious

Check out the Te Araroa Trust website for all the information your heart desires.