After arriving in Queenstown on a rainy eerie afternoon (above photo is the first evening around 9pm, the first photo is the night after, nice and not so eerie!), we decided to spend the next day as a zero day in Queenstown.

Guess what we did! You got it, we ate.

FERGBURGER:  Best falafel burger I’ve ever had and Matt can confirm for the more meat inclined that the classic Fernburger is the best burger.

COOKIE BAR:  A Cookie Time bar with $1 coffees in the AM and 2 for 1 cookies in the PM.  Yum.  

PATAGONIA:  Ice cream, obviously.

FAT BADGER:  20inch pizza.  Huuuuuuuuge!

BALLS and BANGLES:  Doughnuts!

Also accomplished in Queenstown:  MOANA, the movie.  We had the theatre to ourselves (& one other lady).  After she left at the credits, Jess Brad and I danced at the front of the theatre to the main song as the credits rolled.

Other interesting occurrences in Queenstown:

Our Netherlands roommate jumping into my top bunk bed in his boxers at 2am.  Drunken sleepwalking?  Yup, this is why I tramp.  Huts beat hostels everyday anyday.

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