Queenstown to Te Anau

Day One Hundred and Fourteen: 0 km

One final hazard zone, a spot where the Te Araroa trail officially breaks is at Lake Wakatipu, the lake that Queenstown surrounds. This official break meant we would have one last hitchhike off the trail and around the lake to Greenstone. As per usual with hitchhiking, Matt and I broke up with Brad and Jess temporarily to get to the trailhead and meet at one of the huts later that night. Unfortunately for us, I woke up that morning feeling rather sick and after a first hitchhike with two cool Kiwis filming a commercial on the lake, we hopped off in Glenorchy where we called it quits at 11am and spent another zero km day at Mrs Woolys Campground. Around dinner time I started to feel more myself and the camp store had some smoked salmon to indulge in so we added it in to a meal of udon and veg for the night.

Day One Hundred and Fifteen: 22 km

After 3 hitches, we made it to the trailhead of the Greenstone/Mavora Lakes walkway and walked along a gorgeous groomed path to Greenstone Hut.

It was pretty special to find Jess and Brad hanging out when we arrived (2 in the afternoon). Without communication, they knew we would/wanted us to catch up with them and their trust pulled through. We all had lunch and then headed to Taipo hut for the night which we shared with 2 French men and an American.

Day One Hundred and Sixteen: 28 km

Chill as with two lunches in two separate huts and a lot of 4 Wheel Drives ripping past us through the washed out road.

Day One Hundred and Seventeen: 42 km

Why not walk a marathon? From Mavora Lakes camp, we set off for a lovely first 10km along groomed forest track around the lake.

However, after crossing the river, the track soon turned to everything we detested on the T.A. Thorns, spear grass, bristles, marsh.  See the trail?  Hint, you go straight through!

Fortunately it didn’t last too long and we were back on the road for a final 11km to the highway.

Upon reaching the highway at 6pm, Brad jokingly stuck his thumb out to the first truck that passed and he surprisingly pulled over. Imagine our vegetarian’s (Brad and Jess) delight when they saw the dead deer in the back of the pick up. Nonetheless, into Te Anau we went to resupply food for the next stretch!

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